The Lanterman Group


Learn more about the services offered by The Lanterman Group.

Our mission is to help organizations build breakthroughs.


The results are products and services that drive next levels of competitiveness.

What we do

We help companies understand and apply emerging technologies and achieve profound, not incremental, change. We work with a variety of clients (for profit businesses, non-profits, universities), and lead organizations through all stages of technology adoption and insertion. Working as a strategic partner and consultant, we use radical thought processes to help organizations identify and bring transformative opportunities to life.

We specialize in emerging technologies – those that are rapidly accelerating and shaping major industries and all aspects of our lives - additive manufacturing, internet of things, robotics - and help companies leverage these technologies into products and services that drive next levels of competitiveness.

Our methodologies are informed from a collection of 50+ years of technology consulting and product design experiences in wide variety of industries. Our approach requires challenging the status quo, forging new paths, and fostering bold and courageous thinking on behalf of our clients.

We provide three core services:



We provide strategic business guidance to organizations looking to create new innovative products and services utilizing emerging technologies. 

  • Connect technology with market opportunity

  • Uncover unmet needs

  • Quantify market opportunity

  • Develop value proposition



We assist organizations with the design and development of new products and services using a combination of innovative design approaches.

  • Develop concepts, products, and services

  • Test market and technical feasibility

  • Assist with product design

  • Establish corporate development partnerships



We enable the sustainment of technology-based product and service initiatives to organizations though holistic implementation and training and solutions.

  • Develop commercialization partnerships

  • Develop learning platforms that unlock creativity

  • Conduct training to sustain innovation

  • Deploy required internal innovation systems and processes