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Conducting Voice of Customer Research for Additive Manufacturing White Paper

Identify insights and develop actionable plans for higher education institutions to address AM skills gap in collaboration with Stratasys and Deloitte.

The Challenge:

Although additive manufacturing (AM) adoption continues to rise, it is increasingly more challenging to find qualified AM talent for engineering and technician roles at companies that want to pursue AM-led product innovations. Higher education institutions have a role in educating the future workforce with the necessary experience, knowledge, and mindset to meet the expectations of industry.

Stratasys looked to The Lanterman Group to use our proven Voice of Customer (VoC) methodology to develop insights for the white paper published through Deloitte.

The Outcome:

The Lanterman Group used a VoC methodology involving review of current programs and trends, interviews with industry leaders and stakeholders, and synthesis of research findings. This methodology results in a thorough evaluation of the market and deep understanding of the customer perspective.

The research developed for the Deloitte white paper focused on insights driven by industry challenges and were presented as opportunities for higher education stakeholders to address unmet industry needs.

The primary research involved interviews with 20 industry and higher education stakeholders and secondary research review of AM programs nationally and internationally. The paper will be published through Deloitte Insights in Spring 2019.