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Identifying a Sustainable Plan to Utilize Manufacturing Facilities

Collaborated with Bush Consulting Group to help a National Institute utilize advanced manufacturing


The Challenge

Manufacturing facilities can be revolutionary but costly ventures. The National Institute needed help to create a strategy for their manufacturing facility to achieve economic excellence.

A National Institute pursuing financial sustainability enlisted The Lanterman Group and Bush Consulting Group to identify the best use for its underutilized manufacturing facility.

The Outcome

We interviewed 40 of the most influential thinkers in the industry and devised a short list of viable options. The team concluded high fixed costs limited the feasibility of its use as a traditional technology development or incubation facility. However, there was another option. Detailed demand and cost analysis revealed that the most viable use and best path forward was as a training development facility. 

The Lanterman Group analyze the market to identify industry opportunities that were financially feasible and developed a plan to assemble the necessary infrastructure.

The client has mobilized resources and is implementing the recommendation, to be completed by end of 2017.