The Lanterman Group



Creating National Additive Manufacturing Educational Program to Train the Next Generation of Workforce

Collaboration with America Makes to create a sustainable program for education in additive manufacturing.


The Challenge

The additive manufacturing industry is growing exponentially. While companies and government organizations are beginning to utilize the new technology and manufacturing processes, there is not a skilled workforce of trained professionals to support the industry. 

America Makes needed assistance in developing a novel education program that utilizes the expertise of professionals around the nation into a program to teach design-for-additive manufacturing (DfAM) processes to all skill levels.

The Outcome

The Advanced Curriculum in Additive Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Innovation (ACADEMI) was created by The Lanterman Group in collaboration with America Makes and other members to promote the transfer of business and technical knowledge to industry. ACADEMI is an innovative and multi-disciplinary training program focused on engineering and manufacturing innovation in AM technologies, applications and processes. ACADEMI has been shaped by input from over 100 companies and over 30 subject matter experts from across industry and academia.

The Lanterman Group developed the ACADEMI as a portfolio of DfAM-based courses which is first hands-on certification in the United States.

We developed a comprehensive set of immersive training experiences with advanced additive manufacturing curriculum. The training program is held through boot camp style classes, comprised of hands-on learning, lab work and capstone projects, coordinated with world-class experts from the America Makes membership network. ACADEMI incorporates research and development processes and techniques emerging from America Makes projects that are ready for implementation, making the content cutting edge and rigorous.

Past Programs

This is an on-going initiative, and The Lanterman Group is the driving force responsible for the strategizing to expand ACADEMI across the country, marketing to engage partners, fundraising for sustainability, and developing the trainings with industry and academic experts.


Additive Manufacturing Experience at RAPID + TcT 2017

In Pittsburgh, PA, The Lanterman Group created and facilitated an hour-long session to 60 participants combining leading experts in the fields of 3D printing with robotics expertise at Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. During this hands-on workshop, participants designed and optimized a series of 3D printed multi-legged robots. The workshop exposed participants to topology optimization, latticing and generative design.


Air Force Research Laboratory Metals Additive Manufacturing Training

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) was looking for ways to reduce the time for advanced engine development and to disrupt turbine design through advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. A critical aspect to meeting AFRL’s objectives was the development of a workforce capable of properly evaluating and advancing the wide range of advanced manufacturing technologies.

The Lanterman Group assisted with their workforce objectives by increasing the level of knowledge of the AFRL workforce on state-of-the-art additive manufacturing techniques and design methodologies. We created a customized, 5-day hands-on learning session around metals additive manufacturing technologies for 11 students held at the America Makes Innovation Factory.